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Humans have been fascinated with these “gifts from the heavens” for thousands of years. Here in our crystal shop, we explain the various different types of healing crystals, minerals and metals that are alien in origin, including: Moldavite, Tektite (Indochinite), Pallasite, Libyan Desert Glass and Nickel Iron Meteorites.

We also explore the metaphysical healing properties of these powerful stones to aid you on your quest for inner peace, and outer space! If you feel like some adding some intergalactic influence or inspiration to your life, you can explore the pieces we have available; including genuine moldavite jewelry.

Various meteorite specimens


Moldavite is a form of tektite that is found in places on Earth that have been hit by a large meteorite impact over 15 million years ago. The explosive energy from the meteor making contact with Earth, liquefied the silica on the ground, throwing it miles into the upper atmosphere where it cooled and rained back down onto the planet. Genuine Moldavite is sourced only from the area around the Czech Republic, Ukraine and other countries nearby. Truly an incredible fusion of galactic and earthly material, the olive green crystal is incredibly rare & sought after. Our artisan moldavite jewelry maker only uses genuine moldavite and sterling silver to create the beautiful necklaces, earrings, and other sublime items we available to order.

Moldavite pendant on silver chain
Moldavite stone in silver jewelry and necklace
Moldavite Meaning - Metaphysical Properties of Moldavites

Moldavite is an incredibly high vibrational stone, and in fact can be quite intense in its actions. 

Here are some of the uses of Moldavites:

Some people may feel overwhelmed by the energy of Moldavite and it is recommended to work up a tolerance before wearing Moldavite jewelry for extended time periods.

Explosive Transformation: Moldavite jewlery and gemstones emanate the power of transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, expansion of awareness and of synchronicities. It blows your third eye right open.

The explosive and powerful energies of a meteor impact are imbued into this healing crystal, and this can surely be felt after a few weeks of working with one.

Heart Healing, Loving Yourself: Genuine moldavite is a powerful heart chakra crystal, opening and clearing the heart of blockages, allowing unconditional self-love. Wearing a Moldavite pendant or a rough genuine Moldavite necklace is the best way to incorporate these Moldavite healing properties in your life.

It may bring you many uncomfortable situations that are necessary for your spiritual growth, shining a light on the darkest parts of your psyche. Though it is only uncomfortable if you resist the changes that it encourages – going with the flow is key to a smooth transformation.

Many people agree that moldavite jewelry is not for the faint of heart.


Tektite ( Tibetan Moldavite)

Tektite is the scientific term that includes genuine Moldavite from the Czech Republic, Tibetan Tektite, Libyan Desert Glass and a few other minerals. The dark black-hued tektites are the remnants of an incredible meteor impact million years ago, somewhere over the Indochina region (Tibet).

They are incredibly similar to the Moldavite crystal found in the Czech Republic, it is only the location which is different, creating a very dark formation – if you shine a light through it, you will find it is more of a cola brown colour. Much more commonly found than the Czech Republic Moldavite, however, Tibetan Moldavite is no less powerful or beneficial.

tektite meanings and tektite jewelry for spirituality
Tibetan Tektite for sale indochinite stone
Tektite Meaning - Metaphysical Properties

Known as the Telepathy Stone. The energies of these stones are very strong and can be felt by everyone, even if they are not highly sensitive to the energies of crystals. It is also said that this crystal helps connect personal thoughts and energies with extra-terrestrials from other planets & civilisations. Protection from negative entities. You may use Tektite in a pillowcase to help deter them. Wearing Tektite jewellery can activate and enhance psychic abilities. The crystal is thought to encourage telepathy and can help with lucid dreaming and astral travel.

This crystal can also increase the frequency of synchronicities, making it helpful for manifestation. Those who carry Tektite or wear Taktite jewelry during their spiritual work may begin to experience a thinning of the veil between dimensions.

Strengthen the Aura: The energy of Tektite jewelry is able to increase physical energy and is known to strengthen the aura, raise one’s vibrations and clear energy blockages in the lower Chakras. This makes it a great stone for anyone seeking spiritual advancement.

This is a helpful stone for those who feel that they do not belong on this earth, and who feel they may originate from elsewhere in the universe.


Pallasite Meteorite

Meteorites are rarer than gold and very few are known as Pallasites.

Pallasites are meteorites with an iron-nickel matrix displaying chunks of olivine. Gemstone quality olivine is also known as peridot. This is the only true Extra-Terrestrial gemstone that we know of so far on the planet.

Pallasites are the most beautiful of all meteorites – and they make truly breathtaking jewelry. They are stony-iron gem derived from an extinct planet that was destroyed in some sort of cataclysmic event. Some scientists speculate that there was another Earth-like planet between Earth and Mars, which was destroyed, blowing away Mars’ atmosphere.

Truly alien crystals, these are absolutely awe inspiring stones to behold and craft into jewelry.

Peridot and olivine in pallasite meteorite slice. Pallasite jewelry and pallasite meteorite pendants
pallasite meteorite pendant and pallasite jewellery for sale
Pallasite Meaning - Metaphysical Properties of Pallasites
Pallasite Meaning – Metaphysical Properties of Pallasites

Many cultures believe the Meteorite to be sacred and are considered to have supernatural powers. Grounding, Empowering & Regenerating: Due to the high iron content, it is a powerfully grounding stone that helps ground those higher energies into positive action. Coupled in jewelry with the alien gemstone of Peridot, this means it helps immensely with regenerating and nourishing the mind, body and spirit.

Nourish Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras: High Peridot content will help give endurance and motivation. Encouraging an abundance mindset and extreme spiritual growth.

Powerfully Open The Heart: Due to the high content of extraterrestrial Peridot, it is an incredibly powerful crystal for healing & clearing heart chakra blockages, encouraging you to love yourself and others unconditionally.

Connecting to Off-World Energies & Beings: Not only will it help you connect to ” The Others” it will also help connect you to higher frequencies of existence, this means spirit guides and benevolent beings that are here to assist mankind in their spiritual evolution.

Pallasite connects your energy to other worlds: It allows for the access of this healing energy to the user. Pallasite may be used for balancing and aligning the energetic fields of the body. Therefore, this makes it useful in jewelry for contacting guides and channelling healing energies such as Reiki.


Libyan Desert Glass

 The Libyan Desert Glass has been named after the Libyan Desert. It was first discovered in the Western Desert of Egypt. It is called glass as it is actually natural glass made of fused silica, again due to a meteor impact millions of years ago. It is also known as Libyan Gold Tektite.

Libyan desert glass is the name given to fragments of canary-yellow glass found scattered over hundreds of miles, in between shifting sand dunes.

Interest in this gem goes back more than 3,000 years. Among items found in King Tut’s burial chamber is a jewel-encrusted breastplate. In the centre sits a beautiful Scarab beetle, carved from Libyan desert glass.

Evidence shows that the desert glass formed around 29 million years ago. The glass is nearly pure silica, which would require temperatures above 1,600℃ to form, which is hotter than any igneous rock on Earth.



Libyan desert glass jewelry and libyan desert glass pendant
Libyan desert glass, Libyan Tektite specimens
Metaphysical Properties of Libyan Desert Glass.

The metaphysical properties of these crystals are very impressive and they are recognized as powerful manifestation tools.Ascension Tool: These incredibly unusual stones embody a golden light within them which is an impressive and highly spiritual vibration that will aid you to reconnect to ancient knowledge.

The high vibrational energy that this mineral embodies is extremely effective to aid your ongoing spiritual journey. Light-workers using Libyan Desert Glass have discovered that these high vibration crystals are a strong tool for ascension and meditation.

Connecting to spiritual & space beings: Because these gemstones have a very high vibration, and are said to assist you to make contact with extra-terrestrials, it is said that this contact is related to their extra-terrestrial origin.

Psychic Shielding: These crystals are a golden yellow colour and vibrate strongly within the solar plexus chakra, basis of the will in the body. This area works as a psychic shield and these stones help the process by enabling a strong resonance in this area.

Willpower, Abundance & Manifestation: As with most golden yellow stones, these stones resonate within the solar plexus chakra.

They are powerful healing crystals to aid the will-power and they have strong energy to aid manifestation. The vibration of these stones encourage the growth of your personal abundance and prosperity. If it is for your highest good, these stones will also assist you to manifest an increase in financial abundance.


Nickel Iron Meteorite

Meteorite is the name given to the debris of comets and asteroids from outer space, therefore being extra terrestrial in origin, but have survived the incredible temperatures during the fall through Earth’s atmosphere.

Every meteorite is named according to the area of their impact site. They can be classified into three main groups:

An Iron-Nickel Meteorite, from the molten core of asteroids, is totally metallic and of the same composition as the Earth’s magnetic core.

A stony Meteorite or chondrite contains structures know as chondrules, which are small round particles of a once molten silicate mineral – and some stony meteorite contains a small amount of organic matter. Stony meteorite are one of the more common interstellar stones found on Earth.

Stony-Iron meteorites, or achondrites, which do not contain chondrules and are composed of igneous rock from asteroids. These are a rare form of meteorite, a mixture of Iron-Nickel and silicate minerals.

nickel iron meteorite jewelry and meteorite pendants for sale
Nickel Iron meteorite pendants and meteorite necklaces
Nickel Iron meteorite pendants and meteorite necklaces
Nickel Iron Meteorite Meaning - Metaphysical Properties

Strengthen the physical body: Iron-Nickel and Stony Meteorites both help with physical body energetically strengthening one’s physical vehicle, increasing one’s stamina and physical healing.They have a highly grounding energy that protects, balances and stabilizes one’s emotional body, whilst at the same time, reminding us of our unearthly origins.

Balance & Patience:  Nickel-Iron Meteorites helps one develop patience on the spiritual path. They may help one find the spiritual in the most mundane of daily tasks and the enjoyment of the structure of routine in ones life.

Nickel-Iron Meteorite is helpful in seeing projects through to completion. Nickel-Iron Meteorite bring emotional balance and help one develop and understand wisdom that come from emotional experiences.

The energy of Nickel-Iron Meteorite combines well in jewelry with Moldavite, Libyan Gold Tektite, and Tibetan Tektite.

Meteorite Jewellery

If you resonated with the healing properties of Czech Moldavite jewellery, tektite and other meteorite jewelry, please take a look in our holistic shop to find your perfect Moldavite pendant, Tektite necklace or Pallasite jewellery, to help you on your quest.