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Raw amethyst birthstone jewelry for sale

Handmade Copper & Raw Crystal Jewellery.

We craft gemstone jewellery using pure copper and crystals. Visit our crystal shop for some holistic healing & spiritual jewelry such as crystal necklaces.

Welcome to Crystalife, a place where science, art and magic come together in harmony, to create healing crystal jewelry and bring a little love back into the world through the use of Reiki, gemstones and crystal healing. Whatever your mission, we have plenty of crystals for sale to help you in our holistic shop.

Taylor Hayes

Founder & Artisan

Our Creations

Czech Moldavite Pendant on Silver chain

Raw Crystal Necklaces

We use raw and rough gemstones in our jewellery. Our stones are also responsibly sourced, we import genuine moldavite from the Czech Republic.

citrine gemstone in copper pendant on chain

Copper Jewellery

.We specialise in making pure copper pendants and rings, including moldavite pendants. Copper is a versatile and gorgeous metal.

amethyst stones in gift box new age shop

Crystal Gifts

In our holistic store we have a wide choice of gemstone gifts for yourself or your spiritual friends & family. We are Trusted Moldavite Specialists.

Galactic Gemstones

Buy Moldavite Jewelry, Tektite & Pallasite Meteorite
Buy Meteorite JewelryMoldavite properties

Handmade With Love

Healing Copper Jewelry
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Birthstone Jewelry

citrine gemstone in copper pendant on chain
Peridot jewelry August Birthstone
Baltic amber jewelry on silver
Pallasite Meteorite jewelry Olivine meteorite
Moldavite pendant and moldavite jewelry for sale
Pure copper and clear quartz stone healing properties
Our Products

Jewellery for Meditation & Yoga

Healing chakra jewellery is the perfect companion for your meditation or yoga practice. Find your next spiritual ally to aid your journey of self discovery.

Crystal Blog

Visit our Crystal Blog for the latest in spiritual information, crystal properties, meditation, astrology and many other interesting alternative topics. Please get in touch if you would like to work with us.

Holistic Shop

New Age Items & Gifts

Worldwide Delivery

We send beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery to every corner of the planet, with free delivery in the UK on orders over £20, and free worldwide delivery over £50.

Energy Healing

We also practice Crystal Healing and Reiki, with great passion.
Stay a while and check out some of our semi precious jewellery and spiritual jewellery creations.

Healing Stones

Healing crystals have been revered by cultures around the world for their metaphysical properties.
We imbue these properties into our raw crystal jewelry.

Learn more about Crystalife and our exquisite handmade crystal jewellery

When you buy crystal jewellery from us here at Crystalife, you’ll receive a unique piece of jewellery that’s been handcrafted by us, right here in our small workshop studio in the United Kingdom.

For us, it’s important that your crystal jewellery starts its life this way. Each piece has been lovingly and carefully crafted by our own artisan jewelry maker, working with a deep understanding of every material and process. As a result, you get beautiful jewellery that’s been sympathetically made – maximising the natural benefits of the crystal.

Ethically sourced crystal jewellery

Of course, the actual gemstone we’ve used to make your crystal jewellery started life long before we began transforming it into something beautiful you’ll wear! As with all precious and semi-precious minerals and metals, it’s vital that they’re ethically sourced. We make sure that every material used is sourced responsibly – after all, crystals should connect us to the earth, not harm it.

We always here to help you choose

From necklaces and pendants to bracelets and rings, each piece of crystal jewellery we create has its own unique feel – not to mention the intrinsic energy that comes from the gemstone. Since we’ve personally created our whole range, we’re perfectly placed offer recommendations if you’re not sure exactly which item you’d like to add to your collection.

Are you searching for a stunning clear quartz gift? Perhaps you’re considering silver and crystal bracelets that will accompany you as you practice yoga or meditate? Maybe you’re looking for a particular colour to complement chakra work you’re doing? Or perhaps you’re simply looking for beautiful things from our page that will simply match your favourite outfit!

It doesn’t matter what price you have in mind or what your budget is – we’re here to help – and please feel free to ask any questions that come to mind; it’s never a problem here!

Custom crystal jewellery created just for you

We know what it’s like to experience having a stunning piece of jewellery in mind but then find yourself unable to track it down – no matter how hard you search! In fact, it’s part of the reason we created our shop!

Since we make our crystal jewelry with our own hands here in the United Kingdom, we’re always happy to fulfil custom crystal orders. Give us as many or as few details as you wish – and we’ll find the perfect gemstone to bring your idea to life. We’re experienced artisan moldavite crystal jewellery makers – so we can create spectacular results; whether you’d like us to work with silver, copper, or another material.