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Copper jewelry has unique spiritual properties that have been documented for hundreds if not thousands of years. The power of copper has been known for a long time, and humans have been wearing copper jewellery for just as long. To get the most out of your copper and crystals, it helps to wear your healing crystal pendant or copper handmade jewelry for as long as possible. 

Handmade With Love in England.

Here you’ll find the perfect handmade gift vintage jewelry. You can be sure that each and every piece of raw crystal jewelry is crafted to the highest standards. We offer a no hassle money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with your crystal gift or copper necklace.

Crystal Healing

Each stone has unique spiritual properties that have been documented for hundreds if not thousands of years. The power of crystals has been known for a long time, and humans have been wearing gemstone jewellery for just as long. It helps to wear your healing crystal as a pendant or a ring close to your body.


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Jewellery Making Methods

Electroforming is the method we love the most for jewellery making, we take copper pipes and recycle them by using electricity and a little magic.

We turn scrap metal into gorgeous copper jewellery like copper pendants and copper rings. Very Eco-Friendly indeed.

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Pure Copper Jewellery

If you’ve been wondering – can you make jewelry out of copper? The resounding answer is yes. People have been wearing handmade copper jewellery since the bronze age. Wearing copper accessories has been part of our culture for thousands of years. Adorn yourself with pure copper jewellery and help with your holistic healing journey.

Check out your astrology horoscope and find out which healing stone most appeals to your spirit. We have found that copper enhances the healing properties of the stones it’s combined with.

Custom Made Copper Jewellery

We love making unique and personal items of copper jewelry and silver jewelry here at Crystalife.

Do you have a favourite healing gemstone? Get in touch with us and we will do our best to create the gift of your dreams. Whether it is a healing crystal & copper pendant, copper ring or other handmade jewelry gift idea – between us , we can come up with the perfect present to yourself or a loved one.

The origins of copper

From currency to construction, jewellery to germs, copper has multiple uses . Because it’s universal, a common mineral found in nature all over the world, it was one of the first metals used by early humans. Copper wasn’t just a form of jewelry for them, they realised the added value it carries, as such they would mould and shape it into practical items such as primitive tools, use it as a vessel for carrying liquids, create utensils from it, even weaponise it. 

But more importantly, since prehistoric times, even before, ancient civilisations have been using copper for medical purposes, as a treatment for widespread ailments, both internally and externally.

We’ve known about copper’s effectiveness at inhibiting the growth of bacteria for over 2500 years – the Edwin Smith Papyrus, one of the oldest books in existence, talks about using copper as a means of sterilising chest wounds and purifying drinking water. 

As well as being an incredibly pliable metal, copper is also renowned for its antibacterial properties, making it an incredibly welcome addition in the modern workplace and at home, to replace common touch points such as door handles or push plates. 

Copper health benefits include:

  • Anti-aging. Copper is an antioxidant meaning it prevents free radicals from damaging your skin, helping to reduce the appearance of aging. Copper is also responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, plumping skin up, preventing premature aging and boosting skin’s natural elasticity. If copper was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for us!
  • Brain stimulant. Copper is associated with cognitive function by opening up neural pathways and improving brain function. Who doesn’t want a quicker, more efficient brain?
  • Anti-inflammatory. Copper has been used for several millennia, as a means of providing relief for pain associated with inflammation. From immune issues to inflamed joints, wearing copper or imbibing water from copper cups has been believed to reduce aches and improve overall health.
  • Improved circulation. Copper is known to aid the body in iron absorption, and as well as regulating blood flow in the body, copper helps to control the levels of iron in your blood.

How to take care of copper jewelry

How to clean copper jewelry? To help clean and care for your copper jewelry and minimise your necklace copper staining your neck, wash your copper jewellery regularly with warm, soapy water. To prevent your piece of copper jewelry from tarnishing, after washing it, leave it to soak for 20 minutes in an acidic liquid, lemon juice works well here. Rinse this off with warm water and dry it thoroughly. 

This serves two purposes – one, it ensures your copper jewelry stays in perfect condition, two, it reduces the oxidation process from happening, reducing the occurrence and appearance of the blue green patina and preventing the copper jewelry from staining your skin and clothing. 

    Copper durability

    Copper is a soft metal, easily pliable, making it perfect for moulding into unique, eye catching jewelry, just ripe for engraving and imprinting.

    Copper’s striking, rusty reddish hue ensures it complements any outfit choice. Whether you choose copper jewelry pieces such as copper bracelets, copper rings or crystal-imbued copper pendants, we have a wide array of copper jewelry for you to choose from. 

    Copper on its own isn’t a strong metal, which is why it gets paired with other metals to form an alloy such as bronze. Copper isn’t a metal that rusts, despite it’s red colour, instead copper develops a turquoise patina as it oxidises, making copper even more attractive and distinctive.

    Is copper jewelry safe to wear?

    Is it safe to wear copper jewelry? Of course. Since the bronze age, humans have been wearing copper handmade jewelry to beautify themselves, symbolising love and balance, but that isn’t the only reason you might consider adorning your wrists with this beautiful metal. Copper is renowned for its holistic, spiritual and healing properties. 

    Copper is an essential micronutrient that helps the body function. It’s vital to enabling iron absorption, nerve function, and producing energy as well as improving the appearance of skin, treating skin conditions and aiding metabolic processes. While our bodies require copper, they don’t produce it naturally. Copper needs to be added in via external sources, through diet or applied topically, for example, and once in, it gets stored in our bones and muscles.

    While the majority of the copper that our bodies need can be found in the food that we eat – nuts, potatoes, seafood, chocolate and green vegetables contain what we require, wearing copper jewellery on the skin is also believed to be a way for copper to impart its health benefits. 

    Just because studies have not been able to substantiate claims that copper bracelets possess an ability to relieve pain, doesn’t mean you should stop wearing your copper bracelet. The fact we humans have worn this incredible metal for several millennia, believing copper jewelry benefits such as alleviating pain, has to stand for something. But if copper looks good and it makes you feel good, then that alone is doing good for you.

    Cleaning and caring for copper jewellery

    Does copper jewelry turn your skin green? One side effect of wearing solid copper jewellery is the telltale blue green stain copper can leave on your skin. When you wear copper jewelry and it mixes with the sweat on your skin, the sweat sets off a chemical reaction in the copper that leaves behind a green stain.

    This stain is neither harmful nor permanent. Some believe the mark has spiritual properties, others believe it has health benefits – whether you choose to wash it off with soap and warm water, or leave it in situ, is up to you.