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Stick these awesome smoky quartz crystal fridge magnets in your kitchen, or any other magnet board that takes your fancy. An awesome mindfulness gift. Especially for someone new to crystal meditation or spiritual activities like yoga. The perfect hippy decoration. A quirky boho decoration. All of our healing crystal items are handmade with love, charged with positive vibes whilst being made. They are gift packaged in hessian. Please note, that the crystal magnet you get might be a bit different from the images. This is because of the unique gemstone shape, though it will still be just as stunning as the ones pictured. Healing Crystals are always gorgeous, raw and organic in design. Gemstones have healing benefits for the mind, body and soul. For more information, check out our blog. Follow our work on Instagram @crystalifedesigns for offers and new designs. Check out our Crystal Blog, where we post information about Crystals, Gemstones and Jewelry. You will also find interesting Metaphysical topics and some poetry too: