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The Deep Blue Sapphire.

natural raw sapphire crystal gemstone 100 carat crystal healing 5a21b14c - The Deep Blue Sapphire.

Gemtone jewelry is popular among jewelry lovers in every corner of the world. They have a brilliant colour along with the toughness to impress the people. The name sapphire was derived from the Latin term sapphirus which means blue colour. Sapphire is a blue gemstone that can be found in the countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar and Easter Africa. Sapphire has a big demand in the world because of its toughness and quality, so it is being used for many other applications apart from crafting jewelry. Sapphires can also be found in purple, violet, pink, green and yellow colours. It is also considered as the birthstone for September born people.

natural raw sapphire crystal gemstone 100 carat crystal healing 5a21b13c 570x518 - The Deep Blue Sapphire.

The colourful nature of sapphire makes it an ideal gemstone for jewelry. Therefore they are being used to make rings, pendants and earrings in every part of the world. Jewelries made out from sapphire have a classic and a simple look. When they are dotted with diamonds, you will be able to create a unique piece of jewelry. If you wear sapphire crafted jewelry for an occasion, you will be able to grab the attention of others to you by highlighting among the crowd.

Sapphire can be used as a perfect gemstone to make earrings.  A wide range of earrings from drop earrings, solitaire stud, hoops with sapphire in channel setting to diamond rimmed earrings can be produced with the help of sapphire. Sapphire jewelry that is paired with diamonds are popular among people as luxury jewelry. The pendants that are made out of sapphires go well with yellow and white gold. Sapphires are also being used to prepare cufflinks and bracelets by the people. The colourfulness of sapphires has the ability to enhance the look of crystal jewelry. However, they are being subjected to different treatments before fitting into jewelry. Normally the sapphires are heated at a temperature over 500 degrees Celsius for a long period of time in order to enhance the colour of them. After heating, the sapphire gemstones are placed inside a nitrogen free container for a week. Then the jewelry craftsmen will take them out and embed in jewelries to impress the clients.

natural raw sapphire crystal gemstone 100 carat crystal healing 5a21b158 570x518 - The Deep Blue Sapphire.

Sapphires are available in different colours and these colours symbolize many things in the world. Out of the available colours, the blue sapphires are popular among people which highlight the commitment. People use sapphire jewelry to gift others as a token of faith and remembrance. These sapphire jewelry have a big demand in the mother’s day and the Thanksgiving Day. Many countries consider sapphire as a desirable engagement gem because of its symbolism. Sapphires have a history for thousands of years and people have been using them for various purposes. The demand for sapphires is increasing day by day and it is recognised as one of the most popular gems in the world.


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