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Tibetan Moldavite Tektite tumblestones for crystal healing

Moldavite Crystals – Intense, Intergalactic Infinity Stone.

What are Tektites and Moldavites?

Today we will explore one of our favourite crystals, the mystical and powerful Tektites and Moldavite.

Moldavite was one of the first stones we encountered on our healing journey, though we soon discovered that it was immensely intense, even for someone not sensitive to crystal energy.

These gorgeous green space rocks are known as Tektites, coming from the greek “tektos” which translates as molten.
It was named this due to the way it forms; from the superheated molten silicon created during a meteoric impact, thousands of years ago. Imagine the power of a hundred nuclear explosions, contained in these vibrant green, alien looking pieces of crystal. Perhaps that’s the reason it’s so transformative to wear Moldavite for crystal healing purposes.

Some people, and this includes even those that are complete cynics and naysayers of the healing properties of crystal kingdom, will report feelings of a flushed face and a tingling sensation when they first hold a piece of moldavite, regardless of the size of the stone, it’s still incredibly potent.

It helps to combine Moldavite with a grounding stone such as Black Obsidian, Smoky Quartz or our favourite: Black Tourmaline.
This will help ground the extra terrestrial energies of the Moldavite or Tektite to the earth, so you don’t wander around like a light headed zombie all day, incapable conversing with humans.

It’s especially powerful for clearing blockages in the etheric or spiritual body, and therefore the physical too, as whatever happens to the spirit, happens to the physical manifestation.
Though it’s important to note, that when wearing moldavite as crystal jewellery, or carrying it as a tumblestone or pocket stone, that you should begin with small doses.
For example, wearing the crystal pendant or ring for a few hours each day until you are accustomed to the healing energy.

natural tektite tibetan moldavite 15 strand crystal gemstone crystal healing 5a21b4e7 570x518 - Moldavite Crystals - Intense, Intergalactic Infinity Stone.

Black Tektite | Indochinite Tektite | Tibetan Moldavite | Healing and Metaphysical Properties |

Now, Moldavite is becoming increasingly rare, you will likely have a hard time getting hold of some in your local crystal store or metaphysical shop (also, it’s insanely expensive)
Luckily though, Moldavite isn’t the only intense, intergalactic infinity stone that we have here on earth. Thankfully, there’s been a number of similar meteoric events elsewhere on the planet, for example, in the Libyan Desert you may stumble across some golden yellow looking tektites known as Libyan Desert Glass. However, our current favourite tektite has to be Tibetan Moldavite.

Though this stone is found across the world, the highest amounts of these stones have been found in the vast fields of China and Indo China. Tektite has been mentioned throughout history in various literatures and works. The Chinese named it the “Inkstone of the Thundergod”, while the Australian aborigines called it Maban or magic and associated it with good luck. Indians consider this stone as the sacred gem of Lord Krishna or the fire pearl. Tibetan monks revere this stone as the “Stone of Shambala”.

Legends about the magical powers of tektites are still current. Modern mystics believe that contact with moldavites will aid one’s spiritual evolution and that tektites are conducive to lucid dreaming. For an exploration of the spiritual properties of tektites, see Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation, by Robert Simmons

The Holy Grail has been described both as a cup and a gemstone,  one version says that it was a chalice ornamented by an “emerald that fell from the sky”. Legend has it that the Grail originated as an emerald that fell from the crown or forehead of Lucifer during the war in heaven.

Surely all these different cultures separated by thousands of miles couldn’t all be making this up? Perhaps there’s some truth in these coincidences after all.

Moldavite 570x464 - Moldavite Crystals - Intense, Intergalactic Infinity Stone.

Moldavite and Tektite Spiritual Properties | Metaphysical Uses | Crystal Healing Benefits |

Tektite can enhance your auric field’s vibrational level which can improve your psychic abilities, create more synchronicities and also enable a person to see beyond the five senses into the astral and other realms. This stone can also initiate contact with like minded people with similar energies and enhance feelings of kindness and friendship. Great for crystal therapists and Reiki.

Something a little more freaky though, Tektite is a high vibration stone which contains the energies of extraterrestrial streams of communication and information. This stone can be used to communicate with the extra terrestrials and other beings of the multiverse!

Moldavite and Black Tektite / Indochinite / Tibetan Moldavite all have very similar properties due to the way in which they were born into the world, though Black Tektite is considerably more abundant than Czech Moldavite and therefore easier to get hold of, for making gemstone jewellery. This will likely change though as once all the tektites have been found, that’s it!

tektite ring tibetan moldavite meteorite 5a21b347 570x518 - Moldavite Crystals - Intense, Intergalactic Infinity Stone.

We’ve come up with some ideas for healing copper jewellery in the crystal shop, that help you incorporate the extra terrestrial properties of Tektites into your life.

And there’s also some raw crystals that you can use to craft your own healing gemstone jewellery, if that floats your boat. We’ve found that copper jewellery really amplifies the healing energy of the crystal that they are combined with. Copper rings and pendants work perfectly for this!

So if you feel like you’re ready to imbue your self with the transformational power of a meteoric explosion, have a browse through the Crystal Store for some Tektite.

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Herblore and historical uses for Mugwort in healing and herbal medicine

Mugwort – A Seriously Psychic Superhero – Herb of Dreams

mugwort 170811 1280 300x300 - Mugwort - A Seriously Psychic Superhero - Herb of Dreams

Today I’d like to share with you a seriously amazing, healing herb – Mugwort.  You might have heard it mentioned in Harry Potter.

Mugwort is one of the most mysterious herbs in the botanical world because of its seemingly supernatural properties. But it’s also sweet to the taste, which makes it a wonderful tea sip down when you’re winding down for the day.

Mugwort goes by many names: Cronewort, Common Wormwood, St Johns’ Plant,  Artemisia Vulgaris and various others. It is held in high regard all throughout history as a powerful physical and metaphysical healer and is mentioned countless times in mythology. Rightly so, as it’s an incredibly ally that you likely have growing in your garden as a “weed”. These common people plants         ( Plants that grow in excess wherever humans roam ) are there for good reason, not to be shunned and disregarded as pests, but rather appreciated and revered for their tenacity and abundance.

Mugwort is one of these people plants, it grows worldwide in temperate climates and thrives on disturbed land, wastelands and roadsides. Just don’t go picking any from busy roads, due to the air pollution. So clearly, as it’s so prolific and hardy, then perhaps it has an important purpose to fulfil.

Physical Healing Properties of Mugwort

Crushed Mugwort leaves applied to the skin relieves burning, itching and pain and, with continued application, can help get rid of warts.

Mugwort is a topical anaesthetic with antifungal and antibacterial properties.

It kills intestinal worms and parasites.

According to lore, chewing fresh mugwort leaves will help relieve tiredness/fatigue and clear the mind.

It is also used to help regulate the menstrual cycle and ease painful menstruation and the onset of menopause.

Mugwort has been used for centuries for disorders and epilepsy, as it has mild sedative and antispasmodic properties.

” Please note, that some claim that due to its effects on the menstrual cycle, it is NOT recommended for women during pregnancy, as it can induce labour.”

common mugwort 0823 100243 e1502189840401 570x413 - Mugwort - A Seriously Psychic Superhero - Herb of Dreams

Metaphysical Properties of Mugwort

Perhaps the most interesting property of Mugwort is its effect on the dreaming mind. Dreaming can become a lot more psychedelic if Mugwort is taken shortly before bed.  Were you to do a quick Google search on this unique herb, you’d likely come across various interesting stories, related to bizarre dreaming experiences that people report after having consumed Mugwort.

Mugwort protects travellers from both the physical and metaphysical worlds, and so she hugs our roadways, watching out for us.  In these times of rushing around and living totally in the physical experience, Human Kind has never needed the gifts of Mugwort more. We need her gifts of Dreaming to bring us into the Spirit Realm and teach us to live in balance in both the Spirit and the Physical. This is why Mugwort grows so abundantly and is nigh impossible to kill. She will not rest until her mission is complete.

Mugwort is a potent third eye stimulator and cleanser, this is the reason it helps induce such wonderful and vivid dreams.

It is said to enhance whatever level of dreaming one is developed in. For example, if one can not remember one’s dreams, Mugwort will enhance and help the individual to develop this. If one is at the next level of dreaming, cognitive dreaming: (being aware one is dreaming and being able to “manipulate” the dream at will) Mugwort will enhance this.

No matter what level one is dreaming Mugwort will help you to develop your abilities. But beware, for until you become proficient your dreams may, at first, be difficult to deal with. Don’t be discouraged; practice makes perfect. Keeping a journal would be advantageous.

Used for smudging and incense in the same manner as the other Artemisia and Salvias. Burn near your bed before sleep for protection and dream enhancement. A good herb for clearing negativity from the home.

I must agree with all the above claims and statements, I have personally experienced incredibly detailed and intense dreams after ingesting the tea, and not one of the dreams has been unpleasant.

Another, highly interesting and more in-depth personal account of Mugwort can be found on this blog: Aquarian Dawn.

MUGWORT OLDE 570x415 - Mugwort - A Seriously Psychic Superhero - Herb of Dreams

How to Harvest and use Mugwort

Finding Mugwort is incredibly easy, and identifying it is not a difficult task either. It’s rather distinctive, and once you’ve identified it once, you’ll remember it forever.

A few distinguishing features about it:

  • It grows anywhere from 30cm all the way up to 1.5m so it’s pretty tall and sticks out over most others around.
  • It has distinct leaves, on the underside it has a white almost hairy looking colour
  • The stem is usually a red/purple colour
  • It has a very spicy almost cannabis like smell to it when you crush the leaves.

The best time to harvest is just before it flowers, in the UK it’s around the middle of August.

As always, please harvest responsibly, as other animals and people rely on these gifts too, so when you harvest them, make sure to only take the top third of the plant, and not to decimate one area, try to take samples from different plants in different places, this ensures the plants get a chance to recover and spread their seed.

If you do have any trouble finding it in your area, get in touch with me and I’ll do my best to help you find it. I will be adding it to the store shortly.

The best way to dry and use the mugwort is to tie a string around small bundles of plants, and hang them somewhere dry and preferably dark for a couple of weeks. then crush it into jars or bags.

My favourite and likely the best way to consume mugwort is to make a tea or tisane, put it in a regular tea strainer for about 5-10 minutes and drink up, with a splash of honey of course.


Hopefully, you may find this useful, and give it a go yourself. I guarantee your dreams will be far wilder and highly psychedelic if you do.

Peace Out!

Taylor | Human | Earth.


We will be adding Mugwort and plenty of other potent healing herbs to our store very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

For now, you can check out all our latest jewellery designs to aid you in your quest for inner peace and outer space.

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