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Rough emerald crystal on matrix. Healing stones and crystal jewelry in the holistic shop.

The Enticing and Enigmatic Emerald.

Emerald. One glance at this gorgeous green gemstone and one might just fall head over heels in love with its fathomless ocean of colour.

This mysterious and magical crystal has been revered by ancient cultures since time immemorial. The Egyptian magician, Hermes Trismegistos, carved upon a pure Emerald tablet, words that held the key to magic: “As above, so below.” For this reason Emeralds have always been considered a magical stone, connecting cosmic and Earthly realms, and for bringing thoughts and desires into reality.

Called the “Gemstone of Successful Love,” Emerald Gemstones nurture the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing metaphysical energy provides crystal healing to all levels of the being, bringing positivity and vitality to the spirit. A stone of inspiration and patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. Emerald jewellery especially promotes friendship, balance between partners, and is particularly known for aiding domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty.

P1020789 542x542 - The Enticing and Enigmatic Emerald.

It was dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to ensure fidelity and security in love. This is why you quite often see emerald in gemstone engagement rings, as they are the perfect crystal to give new lovers as healing crystal jewellery for its inherent metaphysical ability to promote friendship and harmony within relationships.

The deep colour green in Emerald jewellery embodies respect that you should have for life and for creation.

This will give you a stronger sense of responsibility to only take what you need, and to give back what you’ve taken so that the balance will not be disrupted. The energies of these healing stones will inspire you to live in a more harmonious, generous and loving way.

Emerald is quite rare, and not known as a semi precious stone like most you might find in a holistic shop. It is one of the four precious stones on earth; Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond. However, buying emeralds for crystal healing purposes is not too difficult, as you can purchase rough emeralds quite inexpensively when compared to fine precious gemstone jewellery and faceted gemstones.

Rough emeralds hold the same, if not more metaphysical properties than the clear, faceted gemstones you find in crystal rings and pendants. When visiting your local holistic shop, ask if they stock raw emeralds, and if they do, hold it in your hand for a while and wait for the tingly sensations of the healing stone energy…it’s quite interesting!

Since we’ve been working with Emerald by wearing crystal jewelry with the gemstone in our aura as long as possible during the day, we have noticed a big improvement to our moods and a deep, profound respect for nature and all living things, no matter how small.

We found that the best way to benefit from emeralds metaphysical healing properties is to wear it as a copper pendant, or a copper ring; but preferably the former as the crystal jewelry will be positioned above the heart chakra, where it most resonates. It will help clear any blockages in your energy body, especially in the heart and allow the spiritual energy of the lower chakras to flow to the higher ones.


We love to combine the beneficial properties of copper jewellery with healing stones such as emerald, as it conducts metaphysical energy into the body far better than without it. For example, a copper ring or copper pendant with emerald will have much more impact than piece of silver jewellery due to the conductive properties of copper jewelry for crystal healing.

P1020806 542x542 - The Enticing and Enigmatic Emerald.

If this post about Emerald and healing crystal jewelry has resonated with you, and you feel you would benefit from working with this healing stone, we have an ever expanding selection of handmade gemstone jewellery, tumblestones and raw crystals for you to browse in our holistic shop. Take a look through and see which stone attracts you, it’s surely the healing crystal you need the most right now.

With love and gratitude as always, fellow crystal fanatics.

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Copper - Crystal healing and reiki

Copper Jewellery – The 21st Century Wonder Material | Crystalife |

Copper, although not technically a gemstone, still has great healing properties. The following metaphysical article will hopefully share some details about why I love this incredible metal so much, how it’s essential to our modern lives and how it can help you heal mind, body and soul, by wearing copper jewellery, or utilizing it during meditation and Reiki practices.

Shiny, reddish copper was the first metal ever manipulated and worn by humans in copper jewellery for healing, and it remains an important metal in the industry today.

Copper has various properties which make it nearly indispensable to modern civilizations. It is an essential nutrient for all plants and animals.

Without copper, our modern lifestyles wouldn’t exist, it’s a vital component of everything electronic, which we so depend on each day to survive


copper2 - Copper Jewellery - The 21st Century Wonder Material | Crystalife |


Physical and Mental Healing Properties

Copper is used in the treatment of wounds and skin diseases, as well as internal diseases, anaemia, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. It can also help improve the circulation of blood, increasing energy and detoxifying the body.

It is used to bring along energies for all types of healing, including the treatment of arthritis, pain relief of broken bones, as well as sexual instability and low energy. Copper jewellery has been found to relieve joint stiffness and arthritis by opening the flow of blocked energy.

Spiritual + Metaphysical Properties: 

According to myths, it is a conductor of the spiritualist’s belief system and is able to conduct spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world.

It is also believed that copper jewellery has the power to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications.

Copper has the ability to ground and transfer a wide array of vibrational frequencies and supports healing by keeping the pathways for healing open. It’s a great choice to use during Reiki Sessions

Copper improves the powers of communication, and it helps with channelling, cleansing the chakras, purifying and increasing self-esteem and freeing the wearer of mental burdens.


How to Heal: Wearing copper jewellery eases joint stiffness and arthritis by opening the flow of blocked energy, supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Infusing it into surfaces has been proven to help decrease infections in hospitals. It can also be infused in a variety of elements. Many also carry the stone with them.

If you feel like you could benefit from the healing properties of copper, check out our Jewellery Shop for some unique pieces of handmade copper jewellery.

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                                                        Some interesting Copper Facts!


  1. The Statue of Liberty is made from 179,000 pounds of copper.
  2. The average home contains 400 pounds of copper that are used for electrical wiring, pipes and appliances. The average car has 50 pounds of copper.
  3. All gold contains some level of copper, even 24 karat gold. This is because gold is so soft, it can be moulded with the hands and calls for a bit of copper to be added.
  4. Professional chefs prefer to cook with copper pots and pans, as it delivers uniform cooking and has no heat spots.
  5. Copper is naturally antibacterial. Brass doorknobs, handrails and fingerplates are excellent choices for public buildings and will prevent the spread of bacteria.
  6. Copper tools will not cause sparks, making them the tools of choice when working around explosives.
  7. Copper is 100% recyclable and nearly 80% of the copper that has been produced is still in use today. Copper can continue to be recycled without any changes to its properties. In fact, it retains 95% of its original value.
  8. Copper is often referred to as “man’s eternal metal”. It’s highly durable, long lasting and can be used in all applications of life.
  9. The average person will use 1500 pounds of copper just to enjoy today’s standard of living. (Think computers, telephones, automobiles, etc.)
  10. U.S. coins today consist of a solid copper core and layer of copper-nickel alloy.
  11. A copper earthing system could save the lives of people who are struck by lightning, as well as save the homes and structures that are damaged by lightning strikes.
  12. Copper has been used for as long as we can remember. The Egyptians had the ankh symbol to represent copper, and pyramids in Egypt used copper for water plumbing.
  13. Copper can be alloyed with tin to make bronze and alloyed with zinc to make brass.
  14. Although the Dead Sea Scrolls have been known to be made with rare animal skins, one that was recovered contains copper.
  15. Copper is everywhere: TVs, radios, electrical wiring, plumbing, washers and dryers. It is often alloyed with zinc or tin to make brass or bronze, giving it a golden-like colour.



00261fda 4062 4096 81fd 8cf96b9034e8 1 1130x848 - Which Crystal is Right For You?

Which Crystal is Right For You?

Crystals have many names – gemstones, minerals, semi-precious jewels – All forms of crystals are extremely powerful. Ancient cultures adored and utilised crystals for their medicinal purposes, jewellery and healing abilities. Crystals are mentioned many times in several ancient texts around the world, including the Bible, Egyptian texts and ancient Sumerian tablets. Today we use crystals to enhance our energy, balance our chakras, protect our aura and heal our body, mind and soul. Picking the right crystal for you can be quite daunting. How do you know which will work best with you?

Take the following quiz and find out which crystal is right for you !

800 600 FFFFFF 28245964050bc4f48d3dac - Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg Amethyst

800 600 FFFFFF 28245964050bc4f48d3dac - Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg Amethyst is a stunning and unique variety of Quartz crystal found only in Namibia, Africa – a gorgeous blend of Amethyst, Clear and Smoky Quartz together in one exceptionally high-vibrational crystal. Formed where powerful Earth meridians cross, this mineral is imbued with remarkable phantoms, enhydros, and other rare formations and inclusions. It is a potent talisman of healing.

Brandberg Amethyst is named for the soaring mass of granite known as “The Brandberg,” Namibia’s highest mountain located in Damaraland in the northwest Namib Desert near the coast. Rising from the desert, this dome-shaped massif can be seen for miles, and viewed from space reveals a perfect circular form. The name Brandberg is Afrikaans, Dutch and German for “Fire Mountain” and comes from the effect of the setting sun on the western slope which sometimes causes a vibrant orange glow. Called “Burning Mountain” by the indigenous Damara people, and “Mountain of the gods” by the Herero, The Brandberg is considered sacred, a spiritual site of great significance to the San (Bushmen) tribes who sheltered there and rendered many paintings and engravings within its caves and overhanging rocks.

Brandberg Amethyst is a master healer, speeding recovery from illness or injury, providing aid in overcoming harmful addictions, and restoring balance, health and vitality to the system. It is highly beneficial for energetic depletion, bringing clarity and increased brain function, as well as renewed vigor and a sense of peace and joy. 

If you feel that this crystal is for you, let us know, and we will find you the best suited specimen for you!

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We have implemented a new ELEMENTS range of jewellery, each item embodies the power of one of the elements.

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