These gorgeous Sapphire crystals are mesmerising and beautiful to look at. You receive 25g. 

SAPPHIRE – September – Virgo, Libra
# Stone of wisdom and royalty & prophecy
# Kindness and wise judgment
# Learning, mental acuity and psychic activation

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These gorgeous Sapphire crystals are mesmerising and beautiful to look at. You receive 25g. An amazing mindfulness gift. Especially for someone new to meditation or spiritual activities like yoga. The healing energy that these stones give out is highly positive & abundant. These stones have been used for thousands of years for crystal healing so it will benefit your life greatly by carrying it! You will receive 25g of gemstones for use as a palm stone bag, crystal grid, and perhaps as yoga accessories. They can also be used for making celestial jewelry and other crystal jewelry. Pictured is an example of the wide variety of sizes you will receive, approximately 5mm to 10mm in various shapes. Each crystal is different and every one is a beautiful example of naturally formed gemstones. People describe being able to feel energy coming from these palm stones as a warmth or slight buzzing feeling. Perfect for your next spiritual adventure or meditation practice. Get some wanderlust jewelry in your life! All of our celestial jewelry items are handmade with love, charged with positive vibes whilst being made. They are gift packaged in eco-friendly packaging. Our copper jewelry is perfect for those individuals like us who enjoy LARP, or other fantasy activities. We love handmade Wiccan jewelry, Larp and Viking jewelry. Hopefully you’ll find a new copper jewelry piece for your next LARP event! A perfect mindfulness gift for yourself or a friend. Please note, that the crystal you get may be a bit different from the images. This is because of the unique gemstones and electroforming. Though it will still be just as stunning as the ones pictured. Electroformed jewelry is always gorgeous, raw and organic in design – Copper Wiccan Jewelry and Viking Jewelry are our favourite theme, It’s also a little bit like wanderlust jewelry. Many people have suggested that our style is very steampunk. You could maybe use them in your next steampunk costume as a bit of steampunk jewelry. Perfect if you’re a cosplay artist. Copper jewelry has healing benefits for the mind, body and soul. For more information, check out our blog post about copper. Follow our work on Instagram @crystalifedesigns for offers and new designs. Check out our Crystal Blog, where we post information about Crystals, Gemstones and Celestial Jewelry. You will also find interesting Metaphysical topics and some poetry too:


Libra, Virgo




Tumblestones & Pocket Stones

Healing Properties

Anxiety/Stress, Creativity, Expression, Wisdom

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