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We are Czech Moldavite specialists, and have been importing quality specimens of this gorgeous green tektite, from our family friends in the Czech Republic for over eight years!
We can 100% guarantee that all our moldavite jewelry products are authentic as they come directly from our friends in Czechia who dig it up themselves.

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  • BLACK TOURMALINE RAW Crystal Pendant | Wiccan Jewelry | Zodiac Jewelry | Handmade | Silver Jewelry | Raw Crystal Pendant | Crystals

  • CLEAR QUARTZ BADGE Pin | Crystal Accessories, Spiritual Gift

  • FLUORITE CRYSTAL BADGE Pin | Spiritual Gift, Birthstone Gift

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  • GREEN FLUORITE CRYSTAL Pendant | Healing Stones, Chakra Stones

  • BLUE SAPPHIRE GEMSTONES 25g | Raw 5 – 15mm | Mindfulness Gift | Celestial Jewelry | Crystal Grid | Palm Stone | Wanderlust Jewelry |

  • PURPLE TANZANITE GEMSTONES | Raw 50g 5mm – 15mm | Gemstone Jewelry Supplies for Rings Earrings | Gemstone Beads, Jewelry Making

  • 3 ELESTIAL AMETHYST CLUSTERS | Mindfulness Gift | Celestial Jewelry | Crystal Grid | Palm Stone | Wanderlust Jewelry | Yoga Accessories

  • CHAKRA GEMSTONE CHIP Necklace | Wiccan Jewelry | Larp | Handmade | Raw | Crystals

  • BLACK TOURMALINE 50g | 5 – 15mm | Chakra Stones, Birthstones

  • SELENITE FRIDGE Magnet | Gifts | Hippy Decoration | Kitchen Decor | Mindfulness Gift | Healing Crystals

  • 100g ELESTIAL AMETHYST CLUSTERS | Mindfulness Gift | Celestial Jewelry | Crystal Grid | Palm Stone | Wanderlust Jewelry | Yoga Accessories

  • CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL Gemstone | Crystal Healing | Metaphysical | Jewellery Making | Zodiac | Facet, Cab


Handmade With Love in England.

You can be sure that each and every piece of raw crystal jewelry is crafted to the highest standards. We offer a no hassle money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with your crystal gift.

Chakra Healing

We have a large selection of healing stones for you to choose from and incorporate into any kind of crystal necklace or raw crystal jewellery you can imagine.

Wearing chakra crystals on your body is the best way to receive their benefits. Tumblestones are great, but very easy to lose in the washing machine!


Holistic Shop & News

If you’re into the more spiritual side of life, and would like to know more about the crystal meanings for your particular zodiac, subscribe to our newsletter and blog for regular holistic news and metaphysical information about meditation & spiritual matters like birthstone meanings, wicca, herbal medicine and astrology.

Jewellery Making Methods

Electroforming is the method we love the most for jewellery making, we take copper pipes and recycle them by using electricity and a little magic.

We turn scrap metal into gorgeous copper jewellery like copper pendants and copper rings. Very Eco-Friendly indeed.

Bespoke Jewelry

Custom Orders Welcome.
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Crystals Are Like Snowflakes

Each and every healing crystal is totally unique and quirky. There is never a stone that is exactly like another, just like us humans. There are thousands upon thousands of minerals, gemstones and crystallised elements out there to be discovered. Just imagine what kind of stones you could find on other planets! Scientists recently discovered that it actually rains diamonds on the planet Saturn. Cosmic or what?

Just as each stone is unique, so is every piece of spiritual jewellery that we make here at crystalife. No one else will be ever wear the same as you will be. Also, pretty cool..we think!

Gifts From The Earth

We like to think of gemstones as gifts from mother earth. Pristine and perfectly shaped pieces of art straight from the ground. or sometimes from space, in the case of cosmic crystals like Moldavite and tektite for example.

These powerful metaphysical allies have been around for millions of years, just imagine the stories they could tell if they could talk!

There are vast troves of information and mythology surrounding these amazing gifts. It might be helpful to purchase a crystal knowledge book from your local bookstore to assist your studies.