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Welcome to Crystalife

A place where science, art and a little magic come together in harmony, to create awesome handmade jewellery and bring a little love back into the world, through the use of Reiki, Gemstones and Crystal Healing.

Reiki Qualifications

What qualifies an individual to provide reiki treatment? Because there are no drugs, medication or physical contact (in most reiki treatments) then, even in the hands of the untrained, there is little or no risk of injury to the recipient. So if you are seeking the aid of a reiki practitioner and you want to be sure of their credentials what should you be looking for?

Well for starters you want to know that the person you are going to pay has been certified in some way and that they have been taught the skills required to perform reiki.

Rather like the world of martial arts, there is no single all encompassing body or association responsible for registering or testing would be reiki practitioners, so in many instances you’ll be hiring the services of a reiki practitioner on good faith.

That said, you’re not totally in the dark. By ensuring that the person you are seeking treatment from has been certified  then you should be entirely safe.

Crystalife owner and Reiki practitioner Taylor Hayes is a second degree reiki certified practitioner. Appropriate  documents are available for viewing in person, before treatments commence.

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