There’s much more to using crystals as tools for inner healing than sticking them in your pocket and calling it a day!


Like our human meat suits, crystals must be clean and fuelled up before they can function effectively, as they can absorb energy from their surroundings, which may include people that they’ve been close to.

So, you’re wondering how to cleanse crystals, to make them more effective?

Luckily, it’s a simple and fun process to cleanse, activate and program your crystals for your intended purposes, and we’ve compiled seven of our favourite ways to go about it.  Most important is the cleansing which we recommend you do first – especially after purchasing new gemstone jewellery or pocket stones for meditation and healing.


You don’t necessarily need to do all of these things, find whatever works for you and you find most enjoyable. They will certainly let you know when its time for a clean and charge up. Most of the techniques we recommend will serve multiple purposes such as cleansing and activating at the same time. Take a look and see what resonates with you!




Salt Water Soak 

How amazing do you feel after visiting the beach for a day? Most peoples’ idea of a perfect, refreshing getaway involves a white sandy oasis of peace with clear blue water gently lapping against the shore.


Part of the mesmerising call of the ocean is its ability to cleanse and purify the air and land around it. It also therefore has the ability to cleanse and purify your crystals. Salt has been scientifically proven to aid breathing, and reduce electromagnetic pollution, that’s why himalayan salt lamps are so popular these days.


You could take your entire crystal collection to the seaside for a day if you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, but for most of us, in order to charge and cleanse your crystals, you can create your very own miniature ocean right here at home.


Simply add a good amount of sea salt to a glass or bowl of water, and let your crystals soak in this overnight. Some crystals may not be suitable for this such as kyanite and selenite, as they are quite soft and can dissolve.

For softer stones you may use some running water briefly to give them a clean, imagining white light enveloping the stones, this can be just as effective.





Sage / Smudging / Incense

The act of burning plants & herbs to ward off negative energy has been widely accepted by many cultures and religions around the world, even to this day modern churches burn incense during rituals.

There are a number of useful herbs you can utilise for this purpose, but the most commonly used ones are sage, mugwort & palo santo wood (our favourite). You can purchase these in bundles known as smudge sticks which when lit will smoulder producing a heavy smoke. 
Wave this smoke around where you store your crystals to help cleanse them, and while you’re at it, give your house a good smudging too, just to clear any lingering discordant energies that may have built up. (Warning: you may look a little wacky doing this, especially if you throw in a chant or too)
Incense sticks are also suitable, and you can use these in place of a smudge stick. They usually smell a lot more enjoyable than sage which can be quite a strong, unusual smelling herb, not dissimilar to a certain illegal herb that we won’t mention here.

Moonlight / Sunlight Bath

Both the sun and moon have been revered and worshipped since mankind could stand on two legs.

They have both been compared to and included in mythologies of gods and goddesses, providers of life, warmth and light in an otherwise dark and frozen universe. You can see why they’re held in such high esteem, for without them we would not exist. 
Naturally, you can utilise these incredible supernatural beings to help not only cleanse, but charges up and empower your crystal allies and therefore your-self. By far the easiest on this list of seven easy methods – simply leave your stones on a window ledge for a day in clear view of either the sunlight or moonlight, depending on the stones. It’s generally accepted that a full moon emits more mystical energies (think of the word “lunacy”) so you may want to time it just right to coincide with this.
Some stones don’t particularly like too much sunlight, such as amethyst as over time they will lose their colour and become washed out. Moonlight is probably the safest choice in most cases.

Sound / Vibration 

Certain sound frequencies will resonate with certain emotions, notice that certain songs can provoke emotions in you, sometimes even bringing you to tears. Happiness, sadness and even fear can all be made real by certain sound waves – try and watch a scary movie with the sound off for example and it will seem comically un-scary.
By playing some positive and happy music to your stones and even to your household you can cleanse them of discordant and stagnant energies quite easily – whilst making yourself feel great at the same time!
You can simply search online for high vibrational music, or something known as Solfeggio tones which are the sacred healing frequencies of the universe. Very enjoyable indeed.

Earth – Burying In Soil

Mother Earth is far more intelligent and powerful than we often give her credit for.

Grounding of energy and the benefits that come with it is something that mainstream science has recently been catching up on. 
Simply put, we build up something known as “Positive Ions ” (although they’re called positive, they’re actually bad for you) in the body just by existing and going about our lives, these can come from electromagnetic pollution, byproducts of bodily processes and so forth. These ions cause lower alertness, increased fogginess/ drowsiness and drain mental energy.
By connecting with our bare skin to the earth, we discharge this build up of ions back into the earth much like an electrical current being grounded. This is not new age metaphysics, this is mainstream scientific research. So get your socks off and go for a walk on the grass!
It’s not such a stretch to believe that your crystals will benefit from this treatment, so by burying them in the ground for a day they should receive the same benefits as your body will from grounding.

Use Other Crystals

There are other crystals that do not absorb negative/ low vibration energies and frequencies, and infact emit their own field of purification and positivity.
The most commonly used and accessible ones are Kyanite, Selenite and genuine Citrine. You can put them next to your stones to keep them clean or perhaps get a bowl or plate made from one of these stones to place your other stones on overnight, similar to a wireless charging phone pad.

Programming Your Crystals

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Nikola is one of the most influential and important figures in the history of mankind, responsible for a substantial slice of our modern day technologies. He was definitely light years ahead of any other inventors and philosophers in the 20th century. If you don’t know his story, go and check it out – it’s a page turner for sure.

Everything around us, everything we think, feel, see and touch has a vibration or frequency associated with it. our entire physical universe exists within the light spectrum and everything is constantly vibrating and moving. Our thoughts and emotions are also frequencies emitted by our thinking minds.

Crystals have the ability to take in vibrations and either transmute and transform them into something else, or amplify those vibrations and send them back out more powerful. Radio receivers function in this way by utilising a quartz crystal, taking in signals from radio stations, and transforming them into sound waves that we can hear.
Seems magical right? 
If you’re wondering how to program your crystals, here’s a quick guide:
By this logic, crystals can store these vibrations or thought patterns – effectively “programming” them with whatever frequency was aimed in their direction. 
For example, if you focus intently on a certain emotion or thought whilst holding that crystal for some time, it will then begin amplifying, focusing or transmuting that intention or emotion.
Perhaps you were to focus on a feeling of gratitude and abundance – the stone will then amplify that and store that feeling with the intention of attracting more things that make you feel that way.
Another way in which crystals function, especially with protective stones is that they will absorb a certain frequency and “nullify” its effects, for example a negative or hateful frequency aimed in your direction would instead be taken in and transmuted/stored by the stone.
We hope that you now know how to cleanse crystal to help with your spiritual adventure. If you wish to get hold of some of these incredible healing crystals for your gemstone collection, feel free to browse our holistic store for the perfect piece of gemstone jewellery or pocket stone for your journey.
With love and gratitude as always, fellow crystal fanatics.
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