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Crystals & Gemstones

Here you can discover healing crystals and gemstones to help imbue your life with a little metaphysical magic.
Choose from a variety of gemstones and minerals here in the crystal shop, with more being added each day, find one perfectly in tune with your soul.

How To Use Crystals

You may find in this section various types of different gems and minerals. How you use these crystals is entirely up to you. Some loose, raw gemstones you can make your own copper jewellery from, perfect for crystal jewelry of all kinds. Others, such as the tumblestones can be used for meditation or to keep as a pocket stone.
So long as they’re in your personal space, you will benefit from their unique metaphysical properties. Depending on which stone you choose!

Jewellery Making Supplies

Explore our selection of jewellery making supplies, mostly raw stones from around the world, for use in your next crafting project. We do not stock findings but we do stock the gorgeous stones for you to make jewelry with.

Mineral and Fossil Collectors

Scroll through our loose, raw stones, tumblestones and everything else crystal related that anyone could possibly want for a mineral collection. If you want to know more about a specific stone, check out the Crystal Blog for more information.
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