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Throat Chakra

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The Throat Chakra


The throat chakra or 5th chakra is located in the neck, above the collarbone.

This chakra is associated with the thyroid gland. By ensuring you have a healthy throat area you assist truthful and honest expression of your ideas.

It is the area of the body where your communication abilities emerge, and is associated with hearing, including psychic hearing.

The throat chakra meanings are associated with hearing, speaking, listening and communicating.

This chakras’ meaning is all about the concept of ‘speaking’ especially in a metaphysical sense… and with hearing in a psychic sense. It is fundamentally to do with communication and self expression. The throat chakra not only manages the health of the physical throat but also the etheric areas it governs.

The more esoteric concepts of communicating such as hearing … your inner voice, and speech … speaking your truth, are related to the throat chakra. The psychic gift of clairaudience is governed by this area… as it covers the area of the ears and the throat.

Gemstone Healing

This chakra resonates to the colour blue. There are many beautiful stones in a range of blue shades that can be easily obtained. In particular you may wish to use some of the more powerful blue stones… including Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine and Sodalite.

It is through this chakra that we manifest what we want in life. A healthy throat chakra makes your voice clear and it resonates with truth. The words are a creative expression of the honestly and trust we feel within.

Blocks in this chakra make it difficult to communicate because we feel suppressed by swallowed emotions and feelings. The voice is weak and your feelings unclear or garbled. Integrity plays a huge part in the proper functioning of the throat chakra. Since it’s between the head and the heart it works to maintain integrity between what we think and what we feel.

Health issues: fever, ear infections, weariness, thyroid problems, disorders in the throat, ears, voice, neck, cervical spine, hypothalamus and esophagus problems.

  1. Do you express your thoughts and feelings so others understand?
  2. Is your voice clear and resonant when you speak?
  3. Do you believe you have the right to make choices for yourself that empower you?
  4. Are you a good listener?
  5. Do you lie in order to get your way?
  6. Do you have a good sense of timing and rhythm?
  7. Is your head and your heart going in opposite directions?

One thought on “Throat Chakra

  • RhodaDecember 29, 2015 at 9:28 am

    My throat is always scratchy, dry, frog voiced! I hear ( clairaudo) but can’t seem to hear clearly at times. When I try hard to listen to words, the more further it sounds.


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