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Third Eye Chakra

chakra ajna series 2011 dirk czarnota 300x300 - Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra


The Third Eye Chakra is located above the eyebrows in the forehead. This chakra is associated with the pineal gland and is the area of the body where our visionary abilities emerge.

Sometimes called the Ajna chakra in Eastern traditions, or the Brow Chakra… as it is located at the brow in the center of the forehead.

Using the specific stones for this chakra can aid the development of psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychic knowing and intuition.

The third eye chakra or 6th chakra meanings pertain to clairvoyance or psychic vision, intuition, psychic knowing, inner knowledge and inspiration. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of ‘seeing’ especially in a spiritual and psychic sense. The third eye or pineal gland was believed in ancient times to be where ‘The Sight’ was located. 

Ancient seers recognized this, and as their abilities emerged they felt a ‘tingling’ feeling in this area. Today’s clairvoyants are aware of this and it is one of the ways that a number of you may feel the onset of your psychic powers. This area also governs the gift of clairaudience or psychic hearing.

Chakra Gemstones

The 6th chakra reacts powerfully to the use of high vibration healing stones in particular you may choose to use Moldavite or any of the other high crystal energy stones. 

This chakra resonates to the colours of purple and indigo. As you will see from the list and the many pictures shown here, some healing crystals that are not the specific chakra colors will also assist in developing this area. Many beautiful stones of these chakra colors are easily obtained… in particular Amethyst Crystals.

A healthy third eye gives us the power to perceive every reflection from the outer world, as a direct call for us to accept it as ours, heal and love it.

Blocks in this chakra cause us to become delusional, unimaginative, indifferent and to have poor memories. Worry is a big problem, spaced-out, and poor concentration also plague a person with a sick third eye chakra.

 Health issues: headaches, eye problems, pituitary and pineal glands, neurological problems.

  1. Do you trust your intuition?
  2. Can you let your imagination soar and visualize?
  3. Do you constantly justify and give reasons for acting without love?
  4. Do you have “insight” as to what’s happening in any situation?
  5. Do you have difficulty concentrating?


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