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Sacral Chakra

chakra swadhisthana series 2011 dirk czarnota 300x300 - Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra


The sacral chakra strongly governs the organs within the area of the navel, including the female reproductive organs, such as the womb and genitals.

When this chakra is functioning well… not only is your physical body healthy but your emotional life operates in a healthy way. This is the area from which you emotionally birth new ideas.

It is known as the navel energy centre and is also associated with creativity. This is both related to the procreative physical level…creating new life… and also to the artistic creative level.

Sacral Chakra Stones

Orange and Golden stones will be helpful for aiding the hormonal system. The sacral’s main purposes relate to the feeling of emotions, sensuality, security, commitment and honor in relationships and the psychic gift of clairsentience or clear feeling. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of ‘feeling’ especially the metaphysical meaning

The sacral energy centre resonates to the colour of orange… and many stones in this group are easily obtained. These stones… that belong to more than one chakra, work simultaneously either on two of the three chakras, or on all three at once. If you are purchasing chakra stones, particularly for use with the navel chakra… try not to use the straight red or yellow stones.

Many of you may wish to use stones that resonate with more than one chakra. For using these stones at this energy centre, try to obtain natural crystals or stones that are either reddish-orange or more orange yellow-gold. There are many beautiful orange stones that are very easy to obtain.

Out of Balance?

Health Issues: Uterine or bladder problems, sexual difficulties, impotence, lack of flexibility, sciatica, lower back pain, and problems with large intestines.

  1. Do you express your creativity?
  2. Are you comfortable with your sexuality and able to receive nurturing from others?
  3. Do you need to control, or give your power away to get something in return?
  4. Are you addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, people or something else?
  5. Do you suffer from guilt, shame, anger, and are judgmental towards the past?
  6. Do you find it difficult to make money?
  7. Do you stand up for yourself…say what you mean and mean what you say?
  8. Do you make everything a crisis?

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