Renewed Interest. 

The topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial life has been a controversial subject for many years, with people either dismissing it as a conspiracy theory or becoming convinced that we are not alone in the universe. However, recent developments in UFO and extraterrestrial disclosure have brought this topic back into the public eye, with a renewed interest in understanding the potential existence of alien life and the government’s involvement in studying it.



One of the most significant developments in UFO disclosure came in June 2019 when the United States Navy confirmed the authenticity of three UFO videos that had been leaked to the public. The videos, which had been recorded by Navy pilots, showed unidentified aerial phenomena moving at high speeds and performing maneuvers that were impossible for any known aircraft to replicate.

This confirmation by the US Navy marked a significant turning point in the conversation around UFOs and extraterrestrial life. For many years, the US government had denied any involvement in studying UFOs, dismissing any reports of sightings as weather balloons or other natural phenomena. However, this confirmation of the authenticity of the videos, along with statements from high-ranking military officials, suggested that there may be more to the story than the government had previously let on.

One individual who has been at the forefront of the discussion around UFO disclosure is Luis Elizondo, a former military intelligence officer who headed up the Pentagon’s secret UFO investigation program, known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Elizondo resigned from his position in 2017, citing concerns about the government’s lack of transparency regarding the program and its findings.

Since leaving the government, Elizondo has become a vocal advocate for UFO disclosure, speaking at conferences and appearing on television to discuss his experiences working on the AATIP program. He has argued that the government needs to take the issue of UFOs more seriously, as it could have significant national security implications.

Elizondo has also been involved in the release of several videos and documents related to UFOs, including a 2017 New York Times article that revealed the existence of the AATIP program. In 2020, he released a video that he claimed showed a UFO flying over the ocean, which was later confirmed as authentic by the US Navy.


Paradigm Shift.

Another individual who has played a significant role in the discussion around UFOs and extraterrestrial life is Bob Lazar, a controversial figure who claims to have worked on reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology at a secret government facility known as S-4. Lazar’s claims have been met with skepticism by many in the scientific community, but he has maintained his story for several decades, even in the face of intense scrutiny.

Lazar’s story first gained widespread attention in 1989 when he appeared in a documentary titled “UFOs and Area 51: The Bob Lazar Video.” In the documentary, Lazar claimed that he had worked on nine flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin at the S-4 facility, which was located near Area 51 in Nevada. He described the technology as being far beyond anything that humans had ever created, including a propulsion system based on “Element 115,” a material that had not yet been discovered by scientists.

Lazar’s claims have been both supported and refuted over the years, with some individuals coming forward to corroborate his story, while others have accused him of being a fraud. However, his story has remained a popular topic of discussion in the UFO community, with many people believing that he may be telling the truth about his experiences.

While both Elizondo and Lazar’s stories may be controversial, they have brought attention to the issue of UFO disclosure and the government’s involvement in studying it. In recent years, there have been several other developments that suggest that the government may be taking the issue more seriously than it has in the past.