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Welcome to Crystalife

A place where science, art and a little magic come together in harmony, to create awesome handmade jewellery and bring a little love back into the world, through the use of Reiki, Gemstones and Crystal Healing.

What we’re all about.

about pic - What we're all about.

Our Story

We started making handmade jewellery due to a slightly worrying obsession with the mineral kingdom; Crystals, Gemstones, Stones and Fossils.

We discovered through others and for ourselves that humans and minerals have a rich and vibrant past. Throughout recorded history, man has revered and coveted these treasures that lie within the earth, as magical and supernatural items of power.  Surely, we thought, there must be a reason for this fascination?

Each item is handcrafted, with time and love invested from start to finish, every piece is totally unique.
All our materials are as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. We even use recycled Copper
We wear most of the items ourselves, and would not wear or sell anything less than perfect
Not yet, but hopefully one day we will be noticed by a famous artist or be featured in a gallery.

What We Do

We specialise in making beautiful, handmade jewelry that not only looks amazing, but also helps heal the mind, body and soul.

We utilise a range of jewellery making techniques, though our favourite has to be Copper Electroforming. This is the process of depositing copper molecules using electricity onto crystals and other items from nature. The results are always unique, organic and earthy.

serv2 - What we're all about.

Our Latest Projects