Get some Crystal loving in your life with this awesome Tektite ring

The stone is known as Tektite, or Tibetan Moldavite – If you’ve heard of Moldavite, then you know what kind of stones these tektites are!

This stone is apparently used to assist in psychic sensitivity, as well as many other properties.

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This listing is for a stunning one of a kind ring featuring a rare tektite gemstone encased in electroformed copper.

Tibetan Tektites, like Moldavite, is a form of silica based glass that appears only in places on earth that have been hit by a large meteor or where meteorite showers have occurred.

The ancient energy assigned to these rare finds are enhancing communication and psychic abilities.. Many people describe being able to feel the energy coming from these stones as a warmth or slight buzzing feeling. This is an awesome conversation piece that will last a lifetime.

Made to order just for you please state your size and allow 10 days for creation of this unique treasure.
All of our items are made with love, charged with positive vibes whilst being made,
and gift packaged in biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging

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