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Month: October 2016

sacredgeometry11 1130x685 - Gemstones: Magic or Science?

Gemstones: Magic or Science?

A Scientific Epiphany

I was lying in bed last night, just chillaxing with a crystal in each hand, after a few minutes both my hands were tingling and vibrating!

This is the first time i’ve really felt anything from gemstones so as you can imagine I was pretty surprised.

Now, I’m a scientist at heart, so I had to rule out other possibilities to make sure it was true.

I have great circulation, so no, it wasn’t that.

Much to my displeasure, I haven’t had any psychedelic drugs…today anyway.

I even put the crystals down for a while, then picked them up again, sure enough the vibrations came back.

The scientist in me is going nuts, surely these minerals can’t have any other purpose than looking awesome…can they?

All modern science was once considered magic, our fancy technology would have you burned at the stake not long ago, so this leads me to believe that for all we’ve discovered, there is so much more to be found.

As far as i’m aware, there hasn’t been much scientific evidence found for the beneficial properties of gemstones, granted, but maybe that’s due to our technology not being sufficiently advanced to measure the kind of energy minerals and gemstones emit?

Everything we see, feel and experience lies in a very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light, as our senses are so limited to what they can perceive. outside of these boundaries, lies a vast untouchable universe waiting to be explored, maybe these perfectly geometric expressions of life emit energy in these upper frequencies of existence, and although most of the time we can’t visually  measure and perceive their effects, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t functioning.

You can’t see the wind, does that mean it doesn’t exist?

As mother earth moves through various places in the galaxy, she and everything living on her raises in vibrational frequency, this leads to a “thinning of the veil” so to speak, meaning that those things existing on different “radio station” frequencies are more frequently observed.

A simple analogy would be that of a radio receiver, as you turn the dial and change the station, there is a moment between two stations where you hear both at the same time, mixing with one another, eventually one of the stations fades away and the new one takes precedence.

Everything I speculate has a purely scientific basis, I believe that all magic and myth can and will be explained through scientific means.

That’s all for today folks, I’m not claiming this is all true, just merely my speculative thoughts on the matter a hand.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which gemstones I was holding at the time, it was one of the my new Cactus/Spirit Ametrines from SA,

Here’s  a link to an article about them, and my listing where you can purchase one:

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